Summer in London

After several awful weeks of weather and even getting the heating back on, the weather in London has finally improved. It’s like it is the height of summer – in May.

The weather in London is often changeable but the past few weeks have been awful. I opened up the weather app on my phone and it told me to expect rain for the next 10 days at some point. And that was as far in the future as the app’s display went.

I’m hoping that the sun is here to stay. I am struggling with the heat a little, especially in the tube yesterday afternoon but it is nice to leave the house with only short sleeves on and not have to worry too much.


Olympic ticketing woes (or why is Ticketmaster always so hopeless?)

I’m finally starting to get excited by the Olympics and wanting to get involved. Some additional tickets went on sale yesterday and I got online to try and get some.

After hearing the complaints about people missing out on earlier rounds I wasn’t really expecting much to be available nor was I expecting the process to be much fun. Continue reading Olympic ticketing woes (or why is Ticketmaster always so hopeless?)

The Queen’s Jubilee Muster

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In the weekend, I took a trip out to Windsor to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Muster. This was an event held in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and is the first event in a busy calendar of Jubilee events.

The event involved a parade of about 2,500 members of the armed services along with a flypast involving 78 planes. All pretty exciting. Continue reading The Queen’s Jubilee Muster


I’ve got a fair bit of time on my hands so thought it was time to start a blog or two. It looks to me like FaceBook is dying so it’s time to create additional content on the internet.

I’m living in London, living my life and currently trying to fill in a bit of down-time between jobs. I’m not really sure what I’m going to fill this space with but I’m sure I can manage something.