Northern Explorer AKL-WLG

Growing up in the seventies and eighties, there was a certain amount of romance to travel by train. In a bygone era, steam trains took people across the nation and across the globe. Well, small parts of it at least. More recently, the rise of the motor car and cheap air travel has significantly reduced the appeal of rail travel.

In New Zealand, the rail network is pretty limited and has declined during my life. Now, the train that used to travel twice daily between Auckland and Wellington is now only thrice weekly. And even that infrequently still is in danger of cancellation.  Continue reading Northern Explorer AKL-WLG

TV commercials and Wellington

I saw an article in the local newspaper today about a television ad being filmed here over the weekend. It talked about a couple of US Cellular ads that had been filmed here in Wellington a few years ago. I searched for these ads on YouTube and was quite please with what I found. Continue reading TV commercials and Wellington