Everyday Sexism project

When writing my previous post about the Air NZ video, I found some information about the Everyday Sexism project.

It is an interesting project, attempting to change opinions on how men and women treat each other. This TEDx video from the site’s creator, Laura Bates, provides a good introduction to the reason for her starting the site, and what it has achieved.

There is also a Tumblr page showing some of the stories as well.

Interesting reading and something to make you think…



Controversy in Paradise

Over the past few years, Air New Zealand has made a habit of courting viral publicity with their on-board safely videos. I’m not sure when it first started, but I think it was probably with their “Bare Essentials” video from 2009. 

They are back in the news again this week because of their safety videos… this time because of swimsuit models. Possibly a bit more risqué than earlier episodes. Continue reading Controversy in Paradise