About me

I’m currently an unemployed database programmer. Working on learning iPhone programming and a few other personal projects at the moment.

I enjoy photography and travel. Not much travel at the moment but quite a bit of photography. Hopefully I can adjust that balance soon.

I’ve recently been trying to do a few of the creative things that the internet allows. This includes creating a video on YouTube. It’s a bit lame but you’ve got to start somewhere. I’ve also created a book on Blurb with some photos and experiences from a two month holiday in Guatemala. I’m much happier with the book than the video and am definitely going to be trying to create more in the future. I’d like someone (anyone, really) to buy a copy of it but at $67 USD, it’s a bit pricey. If I’m to do it again, I’d like something that can sell for $20 or so.

And just recently I’ve designed (or maybe just added a photo to) a laptop sleeve on Zazzle. Of all the things listed here, this was probably the easiest, since it only took about an hour, with most of that time spent working out how the awful Zazzle website worked.

The internet opens a world of possibilities so we’ll see where all these things go over the near future. It’s amazing to create things like this that wouldn’t even have been possible 10 years.


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I'm an iPhone and SQL developer living in Wellington, New Zealand. I irregularly post here.

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