Simple GPS

Simple GPS app icon
Simple GPS app icon

The Simple GPS app was conceived while was sitting on a train and wondering how fast the train was going. The built-in apps on the iPhone would tell me what my location was and display a map, but additional information wasn’t available.

This idea got me started on development of my first iPhone app. A few additional features were added and sent off to Apple for approval.

I’ve found this app to be useful over the past few weeks while developing it. A few of the things that I have used it for:

  • Going out for a walk after creating a saved location for the starting point. I can find out how far I am from the starting point which is useful for a round-trip so I know how far it is for the return journey.
  • The fast start-up time for the app allows me to quickly see the information I am trying to find, whether is it distance from a saved location, altitude or a map.
  • The original feature: finding out how fast the train or car is going without starting a car navigation app.

Since the app is free, you’ve got nothing to lose. Give it a go and hopefully you’ll enjoy it and find it useful.

This app is now available from the Apple App Store.


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