iPhone application development

I’ve finally got my iPhone application developed and released to the Apple app store. It has been a bit of a long process: mostly because I have been a little distracted and doing other things, and partly because I’ve had to learn a lot to get to this stage.

It has been a good learning experience and has been very interesting working on my own after years of working in teams of people within companies. Now I just need to find a way of making money from this. Doesn’t seem very likely.

The app itself is only rather basic. It does a few GPS related functions including showing your location and saving locations for later reference. It can display current speed and as-the-crow-flies distance to a saved location. These are both functions that I wanted in an app and thought that maybe it was better to write it myself than using an existing app. I’m sure there are enough other ones out there that do similar things.

I’ve got a little more information on the page the I created about the app. Apple asks you for a URL for the app when you submit it to their store. You can also download the app directly here at the App Store.

Considering how basic the app is and how few people have actually read anything on this blog, I don’t expect a rush of people downloading the app.

Even so, I was pretty pleased that 15 people downloaded the app yesterday. And that was a significant increase on the 1 download on the first day. Even considering that two of those downloads were from people I know, 14 other downloads is great!


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