Timelapse video of wind farm

A few months ago, I took a trip out to a wind farm near Wellington. There is a collection of about 60 wind turbines that have been built over the past few years. They are pretty large and somewhat mesmerising to watch.

During the trip, I decided to set my camera onto high-speed continuous mode and get photos at about 10 fps. I could then arrange them into a short video.

I thought that the jerky motion would help to exaggerate the movement of the blades of the turbines.

It was my first real experiment with making a video and I was surprised by the amount of work that went into it and the number of small decisions that need to be made. I also made the music with Garageband. For a novice I was mostly happy with how it turned out. I have been meaning to make another video at some point since then but haven’t got around to it.


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