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Arras Tunnel in Wellington

The new Arras Tunnel opened in Wellington over the weekend. It’s only a short underpass that will have a park built over the top of it. Having travelled through Arras and seen many of the World War I cemeteries in that area of France, I felt compelled to make a video about the tunnel and what it means to me.


Coffee-making with Aeropress

About 18 months ago I was given an Aeropress coffee maker for a Christmas present. It’s a nice simple device that basically forces coffee through a paper filter. Since then, the coffee plunger/cafetière/french press has stayed in the cupboard and all coffee has been made with the Aeropress.

By way of endorsement, it’s made by Aerobie, the company that makes frisbee-type products. Well-known for plastic stuff. Not so well-known for coffee. But it is an easy way to make a coffee.

Anyway, I had an idea a couple of days ago to make a video of my coffee-making routine. I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s only the second video I’ve made and too a fair bit of editing. I’m reasonably happy with the result although do bang things around quite a bit while making the coffee.

It’s only a short video and a lot happens so have a look. It’s a minute of your life that you’ll never get back:

It was an interesting experience creating this. I used three cameras to create the video: my two Olympus digital SLR’s and my iPhone camera. The only thing I really missed would’ve been an extra tripod, although some of the hand-held iPhone footage was pretty awful: it’s hard it do something with one hand while trying to hold a phone/camera steady.