New Olympus OM-D E-M1

Almost three years ago, I bought a new Olympus E-PL2 camera. It was a big step up for me, after years of using various compact cameras.

At the time it was a good camera for me. It gave me many of the advantages of a DSLR in a smaller package. It also gave me a lot of the manual control that other cameras had never given me. Unfortunately I didn’t really understand a lot of the theory behind photography at the time so probably didn’t take the best photos that I could but I did learn a lot. Continue reading New Olympus OM-D E-M1


Free-range eggs and market confusion

Something a little different today. Went shopping today for some eggs. Needed to buy free range to avoid being excommunicated. But there is so much choice down in the supermarket to describe some egg where I’m sure the space per chicken can be measure in square centimetres.

Below are some photos of egg packets. Any idea what they mean? I don’t! Continue reading Free-range eggs and market confusion

Be wary of trading schools and trading strategies

I’ve been occasionally reading some articles written by Nick McDonald in the NZ Herald. These articles are on the subject of trading financial markets for profit.

As with many so-called traders, Mr McDonald runs a company that teaches people how to trade. This seems to be the same old scams that have been running for years. Learn how to pick the best horses. Learn how to pick the winning lottery numbers. Learn how to trade the markets.  Continue reading Be wary of trading schools and trading strategies