Arras Tunnel in Wellington

The new Arras Tunnel opened in Wellington over the weekend. It’s only a short underpass that will have a park built over the top of it. Having travelled through Arras and seen many of the World War I cemeteries in that area of France, I felt compelled to make a video about the tunnel and what it means to me.


3 thoughts on “Arras Tunnel in Wellington”

    1. Thanks for the link. It’s interesting that a town in France that I had never heard of until cycling through there is now going to be a lot more well known in my home town.

      We’re such a distance away from the history of the war here in New Zealand that a high profile reminder can only be a good thing.

      1. Yes, Mike, a higher profile for the Tun Coy men is always welcomed and as you suggest the reminders of war are more obviously apparent in places like Arras. However, Wellington cemeteries also tell some poignant WW1 stories and are well worth a visit to learn more of how service in France touched the lives of those at home. See a photobook I put together, Wellington WW1 graves pg 7, pg 22, pg 24
        and my video of the Arras Tunnel day

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