Photo book arrived

My photo book from Blurb arrived a couple of days ago. I had been pretty excited after ordering it and couldn’t really wait for it to turn up so it was good to finally have the package in my hands.

I had bought the large book (13ʺ x 11ʺ) and it turned out to be larger than I expected. It’s a little hard to picture it before ordering and seeing it in my hands, it was almost too big.

The printing quality was pretty good. Probably about what I expected. Certainly good enough that I’d be happy to share this with other people and be proud of it. I did wonder if I should’ve ordered the book with some of the more expensive paper options to make the pages shine a little more. The pages have a matte finish to them and something more glossy would’ve made it stand out a little more.

Overall, I think it was pretty good and well worth the money. In fact, the parts that disappointed me most were the actual design of the pages, and I have to take responsibility for that since it came out exactly as I designed it. A bit of a rush to get it printed meant that I didn’t get the content looking exactly as I wanted it.

In a little more shameless self-promotion, a copy of the book can be found here: It’s available to buy at USD69.99 (plus shipping, of course) and I think it’s worth every penny.

I gave a copy to my mother and she was excited to see it. She was much more interested in looking through that than she had been when I was showing photos to her directly from my iPad.

In other news, I’ve just found out about Milk Books. They seem to make wonderful looking books although you do pay dearly for it. I’ll have to look at using them sometime in the future—if I can afford it!


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