Current status: Exhaustion

After a number of months of being rather inactive, I just started exercising again. It has been hard to get the body moving after so long.

I left my running shoes in London about 8 months ago because they didn’t fit in my bag for the trip back home. I only just got around to buying new shoes a couple of weeks ago and have been pounding the local pavement near the house. 

This has been a bit of a shock to the body. In the past week, I’ve played a game of indoor soccer, done two 5km runs and cycled 45km. A good start and a lot more than I was doing a month ago. At least weather has warmed up a little as we slowly come out of winter.

I’m living on the side of a hill so can’t run that far before the slopes become vertiginous, and with my current level of fitness, anything more than “billiard table” flat roads feel like steep hills.

Today on the bike was the first time for ages that I didn’t feel like I was going to die coming up the hill to the house. I guess all I want is progress. A little bit of progress each day. One step at a time….


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