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ISIS and the IRA

I haven’t written anything here for ages. Maybe it’s because I try to write too much and just give up on it. Anyway, here is something longer than a tweet but shorter than an essay.

I replied to a comment on an article by Duncan Garner about reactions to the terror attacks in Paris. Given the events it is not surprising that most┬ácomments were of the opinion that the terrorists should be wiped out, and while we’re at it we might as well just wipe out all Muslims.

I think that many of the reactions I have seen online are angrier than I have seen for previous events. But also less coherent and less productive.

So, if you think that all the Muslims should be wiped out, here’s a thought experiment for you.

Imagine for a second that Britain’s response to the IRA terrorists had been drone strikes and fighter jets. Would this have brought about a quick resolution to the conflict or prolonged it?

I’m pretty sure the IRA would still be active now if that had been the case. Violence might make you feel better but it won’t resolve a conflict with terrorists, only prolong it.