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My take on Apple’s Sept 2014 announcements

A few weeks ago I set up a separate blog at macaroni.io where I could write posts about technology. This is something that interests me and I have been enjoying doing that.

This week I’ve been busy writing up my thoughts about Apple iPhone 6 release and thought I’d share one of the articles here. It is included in full below with some links to a few other posts. I have no idea if my writing is any good but I expect that if I do enough of it and get some decent feedback it is going to improve.

The article

After setting up this blog a couple of months ago, the posts today are probably where my clear Apple bias will show through.

Apple had their September keynote event today where they announced the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay and Apple Watch. It’s probably the most solid announcement they have had for for years.

I’ve written an article about each of the announcements:

Everything announced today was known to some degree through rumour sites so nothing was a huge surprise, but it’s always much more coherent when Apple presents it rather than weeks of disjointed rumours.

Overall, I think the winner here was Apple Pay. It’s a new product category, well defined and hopefully easy to use. This could be a slow burner that turns into something amazing over the next few years.

The iPhone looks great. It’s a great leap from the previous iteration but there is nothing revolutionary here. If you think back a year or two, would you really have picked that the iPhone 6 would be as amazing as what has been announced today? I certainly wouldn’t. But still just evolutionary.

The Apple Watch also looks pretty good but I just can’t see a compelling reason to buy one at the moment. It provides a few useful features but nothing that I can’t do by just taking the phone out of my pocket. Also, a watch is something that I’m going to buy that might last me more than just 12 months. This looks like a first generation product where next year’s iWatch is going to be  significantly better and then it might be time to buy in.

Interestingly big phones, payment with NFC and smart-watches have all been done before by Google or other Android hardware companies. Apple often isn’t the first company to develop a certain technology—but they will refine what out there already and enhance it.

These are my initial thoughts. I’m not likely to see an iPhone or Apple Watch in the flesh for a while and since I’m not in the US I’m unlikely to try out Apple Pay anytime soon either. Let’s see how these products go upon release.

The world is changing and as has been the custom in recent years, Apple is refining what currently exists and taking it to the next level. But are they leading in the right direction?