Jubilee weekend

The most recent weekend in London had the celebrations for the Queen’s 60th Jubilee. 60 years is a long time to be doing any job.

Over the course of the weekend there were several major events. I tried to go along to the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. So did several million other people! This event consisted of about a thousand boats travelling down the Thames between Battersea Park and the Tower of London.

After heading down to the Thames embankment a couple of hours before the event was supposed to start, there were already thousands and thousands of people there waiting. I couldn’t really get a riverfront view because the crowd was already at least ten deep in most places.

I got myself in front of a large television screen which helped. I got to watch everything that was going on as the boats went down the route and approached my position. Unfortunately when the boats arrived I still relied on the TV as I couldn’t see the river at all.

All in all, it was probably a bit of a waste of time heading down there but I enjoyed the atmosphere. I don’t think I was willing to get there at 9am or earlier just to get a prime spot so I probably got the view i deserved.


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