I’ve been out of work for a while. This is the middle of a recession but still, I think I’m pretty good at what I do so this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

I got turned down for another job today. I guess this sort of thing happens and this rejection wasn’t any more difficult than the prior ones. But it’s all just starting to wear me down.

I’m definitely regretting quitting my job a few months ago. I know getting a new job would be hard but now it’s just annoying. I’m wasting my time at home sitting on job web sites when I could be improving database systems and solving problems. Instead I sit on my arse at home.

It does make me think that there really is a problem with employment. I guess a hundred or two hundred years ago you would talk to someone you know mac they would sort you out a job. Now, I’m living in a city of about twelve million people. I’ve got great skills but the people in this city who should know about me just don’t.

What I deal with are recruitment consultants. They haven’t written a line of code in their life and can’t tell the difference between decent coders and charlatans. I’m not a charity and don’t expect to be given a job that I don’t deserve but to be ignored by recruiters who don’t even really know how to find what they are looking for.

Maybe that is a bit of an unreasonable rant but it seems appropriate right now.

Comments would be appreciated. Especially from recruiters trying to prove that they aren’t entirely clueless.


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